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Top 10 Opencart Plugins You Must Have



Whenever you want to build a website, it will be a welcome sign if any technique that you adopt makes your site run smoother and faster. In this context, themes are considered as one of the methods that can really speed up things. It will give a great appearance to your site. However, plugins play an important role in bringing everything together to your satisfaction. You can experience more pleasure by using these plugins that can generate a good admin panel.

The following are some of the top ten picks of Opencart plugins of 2013.

1. CC Avenue Payment Module for OpenCart plugin

This is an innovatively designed plugin that can offer you useful methods of operation as a user or OpenCart website developer. You will be allowed to accept payments from customers with Cirus, Master Card or Maestro, Visa Electron plus labeled debit cards issued from any bank. Other vital features of this plugin include a separate module consisting of detailed installation guide and backward compatibility.

2. Menu Module for Opencart Plugin

You can find this as an advance menu module plugin offering an excellent choice when you are looking for a simple navigation menu. It can be customized easily. Important feature of this plugin shows that it has an admin panel of advanced design. Through this you can gain access to numerous options at your fingertips. The plugin module is extremely easy to adopt. It is found compatible with several versions of OpenCart.

3. Google Image Search for OpenCart 1.5.x plugin

It is essential for you to offer visual representation of products to your customers so that they get an idea of what they need to buy on your website. Without this it is not possible to sell your product. By using this powerful plugin module, it will assist you to save time and effort for installing images for your online selling products. It allows your customers to search product images automatically through names. This helps your customer to achieve his target.

4. Product Image Zoom Panel

This plugin enables your customers the ability to view the products closely before buying it. This is considered to be an extremely suitable module for installing on your OpenCart site. This module will not only attract several visitors to your e-Shop, but also assist them in knowing better about the product they intend to buy.

5. Colors for Orders Status or vQmod.

This specific module or plugin can assist your customers to differentiate the several phases of the buying process. This plugin helps you to apply a color for every status of purchase. It also informs the buyer about the pending or canceled products. This plugin is quite easy to install and can operate on all important internet browsers.

6. Add Custom HTML Module

This plugin module helps you in developing a HTML block to display all your products. Further, it is possible also for you to generate any HTML block through the use of a user-friendly interface after installing this plugin. You can arrange these blocks as per your desire. It also helps you to edit easily and develop content even without the know-how of languages or PHP.

7. Custom Themes Panel Opencart Module Plugin

Through this module, developers engaged in OpenCart website can change and even create themes of their choice from admin panel. It can be easily installed owing to its lightweight interface.

8. Categories on Main Page Plugin

This plugin has a great impact on your website as it is an easy and simple OpenCart plugin. It permits you to choose the categories that you desire on the main page of your website.

9. Individual Discounts Plugin

By using this module, discounts for separate payment methods can be executed. This can relate to cash on delivery, PayPal and bank transfers. Customers can follow minimum conditions for becoming eligible for these discounts.

10. Auto Suggest for Opencart Plugin

This plugin automatically indicates to the visitor useful suggestions based on the keyword inserted by them in the search box. This plugin module can be found to be greatly tailor-made to your requirements. It works on languages such as CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

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