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Latest and Advanced Hair Loss Laser Treatment


What is laser treatment therapy for hair loss?

Laser treatment therapy is the latest treatment procedures used to combat the problem of hair loss in both men and women. It is not a drug or medication but a non-surgical therapy which is used to treat various scalp problems like hair loss, thinning of hair, baldness and many more. Laser therapy has been approved by FDA and proved to be the most effective method for hair growth. With the help of soft low level laser energy the cellular metabolism is stimulated that helps in promoting the hair growth. 


How it is done?
Laser hair loss treatments do not require any surgery. Laser therapy utilises therapeutic laser devices that contain soft low light lasers. These laser lights are specially designed and placed strategically into treatment devices to ensure effective results. Also referred to as ‘cold’ lasers, the low level ‘soft’ lasers do not have the thermal component that we normally relate laser lights with. Once the patient’s head is covered with these devices, the laser lights start rotating and releasing light energy to the affected areas directly on the scalp. This stimulates hair follicles and increases the blood flow. Thus, the whole procedure provides solution for baldness, thinning of hair and hair loss.

How effective is laser therapy treatment for hair loss?

Laser therapy treatment for hair loss is beneficial for both men and women who suffer from the problem of hair loss. Unlike other painful and surgical treatments, low level laser light treatment is effective and provides best results. You can expect fuller, thicker and healthy hair after this treatment. Increased cellular metabolism through soft lasers enables healthy hair growth that improves the volume and texture of hair.


Which is more effective – low level or high level laser hair treatment?

High level or high power laser treatment is used to cut through the tissues to provide heat. Whereas, low level or low power laser treatment does not provide heat to the affected area. Hence, it is always recommended to plan a low level laser hair treatment to cure the problem of hair loss.

How soon can the results be expected after laser treatment?

Generally, the reduction in hair fall is seen after five to six sittings. Though, it may be early in some cases. On the other side it may even take longer than that, meaning, you will get to notice the results perhaps after 10-12 sittings. It totally depends on the severity level of the problem.

What are the benefits of laser therapy for hair loss?

. Laser therapy is intended for both men and women suffering from the problem of hair loss, thinning of hair, or any type of pattern baldness caused by hereditary.
. It is a non-surgical treatment that has no side-effects reported so far.
. It requires less time commitment.
. Some of the laser treatment devices are even portable.
. It is comparatively cheaper than other hair loss treatments.
. It gives effective and best results in less time.


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