Monday, 4 August 2014

Mind It, How You File Your Divorce Petition


Looking for dissolution from your marriage, then you need to file a petition in the court. Many times, it happens that when you seek for divorce from your partner, you try to put lots of false allegations or sometime even true allegations on your partner. 

So that, you can easily get the divorce from him or her and moreover, you may do so in order to avoid the give him or her alimony fee or you want the custody of your children that is why also you can do the same.

However, if you are a resident of Washington State and want the Washington State Divorce; then be careful because, it is possible that such allegation may backlash at you and your case may get dismissal.

Many times, people in order to avoid all these situations try to follow such cheap stunts and in order to avoid the loss of character of another partner; court of Washington State has decided to handle such situations with some strictness.

Washington Court has decided to solve all the alimony and custody matter by herself. For this reason; it is only the court that decides what part of the wealth of a partner of the married couple will go to another. 

Hence, if one person is asking for the alimony then court equally divides the property in between both. However, if the person demands for the more, then, court seeks for the proper evidence and documents that alimony demanded by him or her is legitimate and it should be given to him or her.

If it is found that the person asking for it, has genuine reason behind it and the person giving it is capable enough to do so, then court in Washington State divorce case may do so.
However, if the condition founds to be reverse then the alimony seeking candidate may have to lose the whole amount. That means, he or she may not get even a penny.

Same thing, happens in the case of the custody. The court tries to give the custody to only that person who is capable enough of taking guardianship. In this situation, many points are taken into account while deciding for guardianship. Like, the financial situation of both the parent. Then next thing comes, is if there is any psychological problem in anyone of them or both of them. If anyone is found mentally weaker, then custody automatically goes to second person.

Moreover, court also have full right to deny both the parties for the guardianship and may send the child or children to foster care.

All these solutions are not taken instantly and court takes its each and every step under the guidance of counselor and takes the future of child and parents into her account.

So, if anybody tries to befool the court and tries to prove his or her spouse false in his or her character then, he should take care of it that court may discard the case on this basis.

Because, it is the direct instructions of court that no one defame his or her spouse publically and the whole process should go amicably. So mind it if you thought to do so.

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