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Breaking News On RHI

One of the latest breaking news in the UK reveals that for people thinking of availing the benefits of Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI will have to wait till March 2014. Even though it was planned to offer RHI to people by summer 2013 by the Government, its implementation was actually postponed for the last three years consecutively, and delayed.

However, it is apparent from another news channel that the RHI package was planned to commence and has not been altogether abolished. This good piece of news has relieved the people from unnecessary fear and apprehensions of losing this great opportunity. Therefore, according to this news channel till the end of March 2014, it is possible for any customer now to enjoy the benefits of £850 Renewable Heating Premium Payment or RHPP. This practice will be continued up to March 2014 without any interruptions.
Producers of several major heat pump equipments have offered further discounts to customers who are already the beneficiaries of RHPP grant of funds. With this, the total rebate that a customer can enjoy works out to approximately £1,250 out of the total capital cost price of a new heat source pump that can be installed.

It is apparent that customers who intend to grab the opportunity of RHI rebate have to meet very stringent terms and conditions. This will be focused on the factors like equipment design, and its installation. No doubt this aspect is regarded as good news for several people living in homes without this immaculately designed equipment.

It has been seen that there are only few people who were probably aware of the design specifications
meant for installing the heat pump equipments earlier. However, the design is strictly monitored by producers and regulators. With this idea in mind, the equipment has been widely acclaimed to be very useful among more and more people.

From a detailed survey done by heating consultants and experts, it has been observed that if you live in an area where gas does not exist, you will have no other alternative but to install today’s modern air heat source pump. Otherwise you may have to depend totally upon generating heat through the burning of fossil fuels, like using direct electricity or solid fuel, liquid petroleum gas, and heating oil. However, customers feel good about the news of continuation of RHPP. Hence, installation of a heat pump will certainly be more advantageous as it lowers the operating costs instantly.


With all this a pertinent question still arises in the minds of various customers. Is it worth considering the change of boiler operating on oil or LPG to an air source heat pumping equipment? The answer to this question is resounding yes. You will not only obtain the grant capital and the manufacturer’s discount, but will also have a warm house. There is no fear of running out of LPG or oil during the severe winter conditions of the year. Besides this, you need to know that you can cut down carbon dioxide emissions to significant level out of the heat energy generated by ASHP. Thus, you can breathe clean air and live happily.

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