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Is a Career in Construction Jobs Apt for You?


If you are the kind who likes adventure, thrills of working in a challenging and exciting environment with risks included and still smile at the end of the day, a career in construction is apt for you. There are various real estate and houses up with increase in the demand for construction workers. A construction job is no doubt exciting, but there are a lot of risks associated with the profile. There are various people who are still opting for this profile because of the high pay structure.


Why students are going for this career?

A construction worker needs to go through a lot of training before getting into the job. Recent surveys conducted have shown that lot of construction workers have gone through accidents and this is increasing day by day. Construction jobs are definitely high risk jobs but this should not discourage you from applying for this job as all jobs have some or the risk factors associated with them. This risk makes the job well paid and rewarding. The other benefit of this job is that though the job is very well paid, people do not require any special skill, education or expertise for this profile. So if you are not the book worm type, this is an ideal job for you that would make your pockets smile.


In order to be a construction administrator, you should know how to interact with people. Work with them along with architects, subcontractors, construction workers, health inspectors, quantity surveyors and the ground level staff. You should be the go getting type and should possess good communication skills and leadership qualities.If you are shy and timid you should search for other options.


Construction workers in UK and New York can bag the job of a construction worker without any kind of prior experience and yet make an annual salary of around $35,000 by doing some of the most odd jobs in the construction site like taking measurements, loading and unloading of goods and operating equipments like cranes. An addition of a construction degree and a license will help a construction worker to get a good meaty job where he would not have to work on site but control from offsite and also get a good salary package as high as $125,000.

The profession of a construction worker is a very promising field and the career profile is expected to increase by around 2014.They are planning to take in more workers according to Bureau of Labour Statistics. There are demands for high profile jobs like trained construction managers off site along with jobs for felons. As a construction manager you would need to ensure that the construction project is accomplished on time, it meets the quality parameters and it is well within the budget.

What kinds of jobs for felons are obtainable in construction management?

As a felon you would need to look over construction safety, building code compliance, estimating construction and construction project management.

According to your preference you can grab job profiles such as that of a construction Manager, first-line supervisor, electrician or ground staff in a construction company.

This profile being in great demand, justifies why people are so keen to tap this career track!


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