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Emotional Intelligence in Social Care Jobs


Emotional intelligence- the term per se is a combination of two words— cognitive and affective. Back in 1900s, Charles Darwin had opposed the pre-proclaimed definition of intelligence and had marked the importance of aspects of it other than logical thinking, problem solving and memory. According to Howard Gardner’s Frames of Minds: The Theory of Multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence can be of two types. First, known as inter personal emotional intelligence. It can be defined as the capacity to understand the emotions, desires, feelings of people around you. Second being intra personal emotional intelligence which describes the capacity to understand personal emotions, desires etc. The use of the term emotional intelligence is attributed to Wayne Payne’s doctoral thesis, A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Social Care jobs

Social Care jobs are not merely jobs, but passion of various people to make others’ lives better and psychologically stronger. Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in social care jobs. When an individual is contributing oneself to socially caring for another individual it gets important to understand what, when and how would the latter should be helped. Psychologically, the patient would depend upon the social caretaker for his own emotional interpretation and fulfillment of desires.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Who all need Social Care

A person, who needs social care, can be a consequence of varied situations and reasons. From being dissatisfied to demoralized or from being lonely to aggressive, a patient might feel varied emotions at different points of time. The caretaker has to understand that a person who is aggressive would be different from the one who is lonely. The emotions of an aggressive person can be projected absent, but essentially that may not be the case. It is important to first understand the emotional aspect of the patient and then accordingly make him or her release .the ways to control and manage is aggressiveness and related thought process.


Emotional intelligence is the understanding of one’s need of acceptance

Also, social care jobs are not limited to care only for the psychologically weak people but also for other groups in help like orphans, old-aged people, divorced people etc. It is essential to understand the psychological state of each one of these sections. The orphans would need pampering while divorced people would need reassurance of a better and bright future. The old aged would need time and importance while a community of trans-genders would require social acceptance. A social caretaker needs to understand each of these aspects and this is where the quintessence of emotional intelligence falls in.

Social Care Jobs sans Emotional Intelligence? Useless it is!

Getting into a social care job without getting acquainted with the emotional and mental needs of your clients or patients wouldn’t be of much help for you as well as for the other person involved. . It is somewhere pointless to care without actually realizing the emotional aspects of any individual or affected section of the society . It is often said the listening or understanding someone’s troubles cures half the problem, which definitely is true in the case of social care jobs.

Social Care Jobs

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