Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Plan Career Transition With These Easy Steps


It’s often said that you don’t have a career these days, you have careers. And there are a number of reasons why you might wish to reinvent your career; perhaps you’re returning to the world of work after raising a family, or seeking a change in direction following redundancy. Here are a few tips to help you put your plan into action, after you’ve gone through the tricky business of deciding what you want to do next.

Give yourself a timeline.

Once your mind is made up, it’s best to act, before you lose momentum and decide to stick with the job you’re no longer passionate about. But preparation is key, so take some time to research what roles are available in your new target industry, and out of those jobs, which might be suited to you. Retraining may be something you need to take into consideration when planning how long you’ll have to wait to start your new career.

Seek advice from an expert.

Having a friend or family member in your chosen profession can be incredibly helpful. If not, then it is worth thinking about finding a mentor. LinkedIn offers excellent networking opportunities. Alternatively, many companies grant informational interviews to individuals who are interested in finding out more about their business.

Optimise your skill-set.

If your area of interest is miles away from your previous professional life, then you may need to take a step back in order to see how you can relate your existing skills to these new roles. A professional CV writer will sit down with you and help you to restructure your resume, to highlight the key skills and achievements that will be of interest to employers in your chosen field.

Be flexible (and realistic).

Starting in a new industry essentially means starting from scratch, so candidates should be prepared to apply for less senior positions than they’re used to. It may also result in a lower salary. However, if you are certain that this new path is the one for you, then these sacrifices will be worth it in the long run.

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