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To be a successful forex trader there are certain things you need to do but most importantly there are those things you must avoid at all costs. Anyone who has dealt in forex trading will tell you it is all about psychology. You need to know where problems can arise in your business and be prepared to combat and solve them when they finally do appear. But that’s not enough for you to succeed. There are certain mistakes that will cost your forex business dearly, here are five such mistakes:

Making decisions based on the news 

News definitely influences forex trading immensely but letting it guide your decision making would be a very big mistake. Guessing what the news implies in the forex market is something that you can never be sure about, and you will in most cases think to the opposite of the implications of the news to the market. Stick to your strategies and try and avoid certain news days that might make you want to go against your strategy rules.

Switching between systems 

Jumping from one system to the other is not a good idea. It will only cost you expenses on your trading accounts and credit cards. It’s advisable to stick to a system until you have solid proof that it is failing. It’s only after discovering that a system is failing or is inevitably going to fail that you should jump to another. Sticking to this maxim will ensure you don’t lose money that easy.

Trading on things with negative rewards or risks

It is very risky to trade on something with a negative reward or risk, though at times it might work to one’s advantage, but more often than not they go against a trader. So it is better to stick with what is safe to trade. It’s important to have a strategy or system with a positive reward bearing in mind that it’s very easy to make up for losing runs with just one or two good trades.

Ignoring your trading strategy rules

In every sphere of life it is always hard to abide by rules and regulations especially when things do not seem to be going one’s way, but rules ensure that you have a reason to smile in the long run. During protracted drawdown periods, one may start thinking of many ideas, consequently changing his/her strategies. But different strategies have different outcomes and it is common for an outcome to find a trader completely unaware.

Risking more than 1% of your capital on a single trade 

If you risk more than 1% of your capital per trade, you will need to be very strong psychologically to manage the draw-downs that might follow or else you will lose big time. Traders are known not to be impartial when looking at situations where their accounts are down 30% and thus rather than follow their strategy rules they let their emotions rule. It is a risk no professional trader will ever contemplate taking. 

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Top 10 Joomla Themes For Creating Corporate Website


Any web template that is designed to reflect a theme consists of layout, design, and structure. This also exists in Joomla powered website. The design of a Joomla website is managed by a template that also exhibits the appearance of the content elements. The design and the content can be edited, deleted, or changed separately. This is the place where the primary design of the theme layout of a Joomla website is developed.

You can find there are top ten responsive Joomla! Themes that can be used effectively to develop corporate websites meant for business.

1. Future Prospects Responsive Corporate Joomla Template Theme

This template theme is stylish and is constructed using the latest techniques of bootstrap framework designed to the requirements of the Joomla content management system. Though it was earlier designed for business or corporate websites, it will also be suitable for other projects like blogs, creatives or product web portals.


2. NeXT Responsive Corporate Bootstrap Joomla Template Theme

This template theme is clean and modern in its style. It is designed for Joomla! CMS coupled with Bootstrap 2.3.x version. It can be used for developing any kind of corporate or business project web portals.

3. Magnus Multipurpose Responsive Bootstrap Joomla Theme

This Magnus is a strong responsive bootstrap Joomla theme. It can be incorporated into web site blogs, corporate, various types of businesses like design studios, storefronts, portals, and magazines.

4. Visario Bootstrap Responsive Joomla! 3 Template Theme

If you are looking for a multipurpose and totally responsive template theme for Joomla! 3.x version, then go for Visario. This is developed on top of bootstrap framework that incorporates several novel features. It is regarded as a good foundation compatible with all types of projects.

5. E-Cart - Responsive VirtueMart e-Commerce Joomla Bootstrap Template Theme

Whenever you need a standard layout, you can opt for E-Cart e-Commerce template theme that can fit into your Joomla 2.5 version web portal. These themes are fabulously designed incorporating the latest techniques of bootstrap frame work. This template design reflects a specific look that is well suited for business shops. It is simple and easy to use and can be customized with built in QuickStart installation packages.

6. A-T-O-M Responsive Multipurpose Joomla Bootstrap Theme

This is a Joomla 2.5 +3.0 theme version is adaptable and lightweight, sophisticated and clean meant for corporate websites. It offers the user numerous color variations that are accompanied with bootstrap integration and k2 styling. The template has a theme panel consisting of endless control.

7. Morphology - Responsive Bootstrap Joomla Business Template Theme

This Morphology is regarded as a very receptive Joomla! Theme. It gives you the benefit of bootstrap frame work. For people who enjoy working on Android, the latest version of iPhone5, or their iPad gadget, Morphology will meet your viewing requirements while surfing online.

8 Corpoboost - Responsive Joomla Bootstrap Template Theme

This template theme is especially designed and meant for Joomla! 2.5.8 as well as 3.0.2 versions with built-in bootstrap frame work. This can be adopted for your company or corporate or your own website. The features include language switcher module and Social link styling, simple image gallery design, bootstrap style menu along with mobile navigation, option of built in twitter display and testimonials display, header pattern changers, custom module design with animation, 40+ background pattern, and built-in slider.

9. RokSmart - Responsive Multi-Purpose Joomla Bootstrap Theme

Based on the latest twitter bootstrap framework, this RokSmart template theme reveals light and rich responsive template meant for a Joomla website. You can easily develop and control the template theme as well as your website. This can be used effectively in business, jewelry, fashion, travel, corporative, hospital, school and industries.

10. Lotus - Multipurpose Responsive Joomla Bootstrap Template Theme

This is regarded as a stylish and modern Joomla! bootstrap template theme. Its design has been maximized for mobile screens and tablets. This has been found to be a wonderful option and can be used as a powerful theme for hotel, yoga, wellness, haircut, beauty salon, spa and different businesses.

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Top 10 Opencart Plugins You Must Have


Whenever you want to build a website, it will be a welcome sign if any technique that you adopt makes your site run smoother and faster. In this context, themes are considered as one of the methods that can really speed up things. It will give a great appearance to your site. However, plugins play an important role in bringing everything together to your satisfaction. You can experience more pleasure by using these plugins that can generate a good admin panel.

The following are some of the top ten picks of Opencart plugins of 2013.

1. CC Avenue Payment Module for OpenCart plugin

This is an innovatively designed plugin that can offer you useful methods of operation as a user or OpenCart website developer. You will be allowed to accept payments from customers with Cirus, Master Card or Maestro, Visa Electron plus labeled debit cards issued from any bank. Other vital features of this plugin include a separate module consisting of detailed installation guide and backward compatibility.

2. Menu Module for Opencart Plugin

You can find this as an advance menu module plugin offering an excellent choice when you are looking for a simple navigation menu. It can be customized easily. Important feature of this plugin shows that it has an admin panel of advanced design. Through this you can gain access to numerous options at your fingertips. The plugin module is extremely easy to adopt. It is found compatible with several versions of OpenCart.

3. Google Image Search for OpenCart 1.5.x plugin

It is essential for you to offer visual representation of products to your customers so that they get an idea of what they need to buy on your website. Without this it is not possible to sell your product. By using this powerful plugin module, it will assist you to save time and effort for installing images for your online selling products. It allows your customers to search product images automatically through names. This helps your customer to achieve his target.

4. Product Image Zoom Panel

This plugin enables your customers the ability to view the products closely before buying it. This is considered to be an extremely suitable module for installing on your OpenCart site. This module will not only attract several visitors to your e-Shop, but also assist them in knowing better about the product they intend to buy.

5. Colors for Orders Status or vQmod.

This specific module or plugin can assist your customers to differentiate the several phases of the buying process. This plugin helps you to apply a color for every status of purchase. It also informs the buyer about the pending or canceled products. This plugin is quite easy to install and can operate on all important internet browsers.

6. Add Custom HTML Module

This plugin module helps you in developing a HTML block to display all your products. Further, it is possible also for you to generate any HTML block through the use of a user-friendly interface after installing this plugin. You can arrange these blocks as per your desire. It also helps you to edit easily and develop content even without the know-how of languages or PHP.

7. Custom Themes Panel Opencart Module Plugin

Through this module, developers engaged in OpenCart website can change and even create themes of their choice from admin panel. It can be easily installed owing to its lightweight interface.

8. Categories on Main Page Plugin

This plugin has a great impact on your website as it is an easy and simple OpenCart plugin. It permits you to choose the categories that you desire on the main page of your website.

9. Individual Discounts Plugin

By using this module, discounts for separate payment methods can be executed. This can relate to cash on delivery, PayPal and bank transfers. Customers can follow minimum conditions for becoming eligible for these discounts.

10. Auto Suggest for Opencart Plugin

This plugin automatically indicates to the visitor useful suggestions based on the keyword inserted by them in the search box. This plugin module can be found to be greatly tailor-made to your requirements. It works on languages such as CSS, PHP, and JavaScript.

Emotional Intelligence in Social Care Jobs

Emotional intelligence- the term per se is a combination of two words— cognitive and affective. Back in 1900s, Charles Darwin had opposed the pre-proclaimed definition of intelligence and had marked the importance of aspects of it other than logical thinking, problem solving and memory. According to Howard Gardner’s Frames of Minds: The Theory of Multiple intelligences, emotional intelligence can be of two types. First, known as inter personal emotional intelligence. It can be defined as the capacity to understand the emotions, desires, feelings of people around you. Second being intra personal emotional intelligence which describes the capacity to understand personal emotions, desires etc. The use of the term emotional intelligence is attributed to Wayne Payne’s doctoral thesis, A Study of Emotion: Developing Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence

Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Social Care jobs

Social Care jobs are not merely jobs, but passion of various people to make others’ lives better and psychologically stronger. Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in social care jobs. When an individual is contributing oneself to socially caring for another individual it gets important to understand what, when and how would the latter should be helped. Psychologically, the patient would depend upon the social caretaker for his own emotional interpretation and fulfillment of desires.

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Who all need Social Care

A person, who needs social care, can be a consequence of varied situations and reasons. From being dissatisfied to demoralized or from being lonely to aggressive, a patient might feel varied emotions at different points of time. The caretaker has to understand that a person who is aggressive would be different from the one who is lonely. The emotions of an aggressive person can be projected absent, but essentially that may not be the case. It is important to first understand the emotional aspect of the patient and then accordingly make him or her release .the ways to control and manage is aggressiveness and related thought process.


Emotional intelligence is the understanding of one’s need of acceptance

Also, social care jobs are not limited to care only for the psychologically weak people but also for other groups in help like orphans, old-aged people, divorced people etc. It is essential to understand the psychological state of each one of these sections. The orphans would need pampering while divorced people would need reassurance of a better and bright future. The old aged would need time and importance while a community of trans-genders would require social acceptance. A social caretaker needs to understand each of these aspects and this is where the quintessence of emotional intelligence falls in.

Social Care Jobs sans Emotional Intelligence? Useless it is!

Getting into a social care job without getting acquainted with the emotional and mental needs of your clients or patients wouldn’t be of much help for you as well as for the other person involved. . It is somewhere pointless to care without actually realizing the emotional aspects of any individual or affected section of the society . It is often said the listening or understanding someone’s troubles cures half the problem, which definitely is true in the case of social care jobs.

Social Care Jobs


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